Our companys history

Experience, high quality and innovation made in Koblenz

Since 1985 more than 500 vehicles have left our workshop in Koblenz.

As a medium-sized family-owned business in the second generation, we value close relationships with our customers.

Every vehicle is unique and mirrors the individual wishes and needs of our customers.
We love a colorful, diverse world! Here you find the most important events and milestones of more than 30 years bocklet fahrzeugbau.



Today we produce with about 20 employees unique, costum-built motorhomes, expedition and special-purpose vehicles at around 1.100 m² of production space.

As a customer you profit from our many years of experience in manufacturing many hundreds of vehicles and us having all relevant trades in-house. Therefore we do not need to really on external award procedures but can quickly start working on implemanting your requirements. Like that a perfect interaction of a trades  is possible - a quality feature of all bocklet vehicles.





Bocklet invests in a new, big-scale paint shop with the most current technological standards. With this new paint shop, we are able to paint and coat vehicles and cabins in full height and up to 11,50m lengths in-house. Additionally, necessary paintings for the furniture or any other equipment can be done in the paint shop.  The relocation of the paint shop enables more working space for the vehicle manufacturing, mainly the modification and upgrading of the chassis.


A second building section extends the production sides. Now, the production of the GFK sandwich panels can also be done right next to the cabin construction area. Before, GFK sandwich panels, had to be built in a production hall near by. Additionally, a new hall is built for the interior design and construction section providing additional mounting areas as well as additional storage capabilities for spare parts and  components.






2013. Gabriel Meinhardt-Bocklet takes over the management of Bocklet Fahrzeugbau GmbH. As a certified engineer in vehicle construction he returned back to the family business after working in the development section of Mercedes Trucks for many years. Since early childhood, he traveled in motorhomes with the family. Together with Michael Bocklet and the whole team, bocklet fahrzeugbau put an even stronger focus on 4x4 al-terrain vehicles as well as the autarky of all motorhomes.


The 25 anniversary of bocklet was celebrated with more than 100 customers and their bocklet motorhomes right next to the shoreline of the rivers Rhine and Mosel. A colorful program including a Rhine cruise and a workshop on how to efficiently switch tires guaranteed great entertainment and lively discussions. During the event, the whole spectrum of bocklet motorhomes became visible. A great event that should be repeated in the future.



In 2007 the production area was extended, a photovoltaic panel installed on the roof producing 15,3 Kw of clean energy during peak times. The courtyard area in front of the construction hall received a big roof allowing small service work to be done independent of weather conditions. Also, chassis and vehicles can now be parked in a weatherproof location


Since 1997, Michael Bocklet is head of the vehicle manufacturer's guilt of the Middle Rhine region and an court-appointed expert for cases related to vehicles manufacturing.  In the last decade especially the interest for all-wheel  drive expedition vehicles and family-friendly alcove vehicles has rapidly increased, leading to a strong increase in the supply of those segments. Additionally, another focus lies on special-purpose vehicles for different public agencies as well as commercial use.



Since 1996 GFK Sandwich panels are manufactured by bocklet fahrzeugbau, allowing panels to be built in-house up to 13x3 m. Until today, those high-quality panels are an important quality feature of bocklet cabins.


In the mid 90's alcove mobiles dominate the production in every chassis segment. Many of them have been used on long-distance travels that today would only by done in a 4X4 vehicles. Furthermore, cabins with pop-tops/ lifting roofs, folding alcove - including seating and bed at lofty heights, are built.



In 1993 Bocklet Fahrzeugbau GmbH is founded, property in the industrial zone in Koblenz is bought, manufacturing halls are built. The property provides plenty of space and a good transportation connection. The number of employees steadily increases with the number of vehicles built per year.




Bocklet Fahrzeugbau in founded by Michael Bocklet, certified car-body and vehicles builder. The first motorhome built for a customer was a cabin on a Saviem chassis. In the first years, bocklet motorhomes are built in a 200m² rented manufacturing hall in the industrial zone in Koblenz.