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in GRP Sandwichconstruction

Besides the ready to use, completely equipped bocklet vehicles, we also offer custom-built empty cabin for customers or for other RV manufacturer. The cabin size, form and style can be built as alcoves or partially-integrated  cabin or as cabin for all-wheel drive motorhomes.  T

he measurements of the cabin as well as numbers and sizes of doors and storage spaces are freely selectable due to  our in-house GFK sandwich panel production. You can find further information about the construction of our cabins in the section: cabin manufacturing.

Often, partition walls  for garages or the washroom are also built with GFK sandwich panels. Additionally, we are can integrate windows and roof hatches into the cabin. Our offer for empty cabin ranges from small transporter chassis up to large heavy duty vehicle chassis. Benefit from our 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of GFK cabins and the many benefits of this construction style.

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GRP cabin for transporter and heavy duty vehicle chassis' in various forms and styles