The way to your bocklet vehicle

In a close dialogue with the future owner, every vehicles is individually constructed. Custom-build vehicles don't come from an assembly line!

Set up an appointment for your visit our manufacturing site in Koblenz. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to look at different vehicles at various construction phases.  Based on the requirements conveyed at your visit, we will draw up an offer for you. .

We are your experienced partner when realizing your dream.


Consultation and first insights

In accordance with your wishes and requirements, we develop a suitable layout and vehicle concept for you. A little tour through our manufacturing side will you an insight into our craftsmanship and the technical construction of our bocklet motorhomes.


Planning and technical design

Using modern 3D CAD software we plan your individual bocklet motorhome. Based on the properties of the chassis and the future purpose of your vehicle, we calculate the proper dimensions of the technical equipment and find a suitable layout. Both will be determined in close accordance with you. You then decided on materials and decor.


Preparation and optimization of the chassis

We manufacture the required subfames, mountings and apply additional tanks, roof racks, storage boxes and so on.


Manufacturing of the cabin

The GFK (fibreglass reinforced plastic) sandwich panels needed for the cabin are also manufactured by us. The cabin is equipped with bocklet-built doors and flaps, assembled and painted in our modern paint booth before it is mounted to the chassis.


Interior Design and technical equipment

Our carpenters manufacture the furniture for your vehicles. At the same time, heating, gas and water installation as well as all parts and cables for the power supply system are installed. All trades work hand in hand equipping the interior of the cabin.


Delivery and (technical) briefing

After a successful trial run and the technical approval, we hand over your finished bocklet motorhome. You receive a detailed briefing about the installed equipment, proper documentations as well as lots of helpful tips and tricks from our many years of travelling experience.


Service and support

Obviously we are happy to help and support your also after the delivery.  We are happy to do service and maintenance check ups for you during your travels or provide additional equipment if needed.