since 1984

made in
Koblenz, Germany

Bocklet fahrzeugbau

custom built vehicles

Bocklet fahrzeugbau is a manufacturer of high-quality, custom-built motorhomes and long distance expedition vehicles as well as special-purpose vehicles for commercial use. Based on your wishes and ideas we plan and construct the desired vehicle for you and support you during and after the construction phase

Bocklet vehicles,  made in Koblenz, are well equipped and allow you safe and autarkic travels around the world. Our team ranges  from engineers over vehicles builders, mechanics, electricians, carpenters and locksmiths to  painters. We put special emphasis on excellent craftsmanship and using first-class materials and reliable components.

A close contact and good communication with our customers is extremely important to us. In order to build a vehicle that fully fulfills your wishes and needs, the planning and constructing phase might be quite extensive.

As a medium-sized family-owned business in the second generation you will benefit from over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of motorhomes, expedition and special-purpose vehicles.

The manager Gabriel Meinhardt-Bocklet and founder Michael Bocklet both always use summer and winter breaks to travel with their families in bocklet motorhomes. Their passion for motorhome travelling enables them to develop new layouts and ideas and to try out new parts and materials to find if new components hold what they promise.

It is extremely important to us that our vehicles are reliable and robust companions on your travel that offer pleasant living space for your lifelong dream. Design should follow function, technologically advanced but without frills, unnecessary embellishments and bling .


In house experts of all trades
Computer aided engineering
Careful mounting and installation
Experience by hundreds of builded bodies
Furniture making with attention to detail