Special purpose vehicles


Your requirements - our solution!

bocklet fahrzeugbau is a reliable partner to realize industrial special purpose vehicles.

We manufacture special purpose vehicles as well as vehicle-solutions for police, fire-fighters, government or industrial customers.

The professional use of those vehicle requires reliability and usability at all times.
Also in the special purpose vehicle segment bocklet fahrzeugbau guaranties quality and an intelligent custom-made solution.

Of course we manufacture and produce:

  • Service- and laboratory-vehicles
  • Promotion- and event mobiles
  • Rallyassistance vehicles as well as race-sport trucks
  • Special vehicles for police, fires-service and government

We develop the suitable vehicle concept in close alignment with the future users and customers. Below you find example on bocklet custom made special purpose vehicles.

Contact us for your personal requirements!


AWD-workshop vehicles for sovereign use

Full equipped workshop section with turning machnie, workbench, compressor, top-lift.


Rally service and assistance vehicles

Rally assistance trucks and vehicles with different equippment and installation depending on the use as office-, living-, or service-vehicle.


Audiometry-, visual testing and medical chechup vehicles

Vehicle to do medical field work, installed with testing equipment as well as checkup room and work-places.


On-site testing vehicles

On-site testing vehicles with rear entrance, working area, washing-facility with cupboardrs. Lightning installation on body roof.



Laboratory vehcile for nationwide water testing. Installation with independent energy system and high class freezing and cooling technology.



Delabolation vehicles for governmental use with separated meeting room, workshop installation and rear lifting plate.


Special purpose vehicles for police

Special purpose vehicles for police departments to do prevention work, trafic control and survey. Interior fitting and technical installation depending on the detailed requirements.