We´ve got the experience - you got the pleasure

Floor plan and technical equipment of the bocklet vehicles are defined by the intended use and requirements of our clients. We will work out the optimum solution for those criterias - custom made.

Your requirement is our challenge to design and realize a suitable vehicle concept.

The installation is done by specialist. Big storage room for your equipment and stocks together with enough water and fuel capacities and powerful solar system or fuel cells ensure autarkic travelling for days and weeks.

First class is the installation of the on-board systems in the fields of gas, electric and water.

For sure, all installation can be accessed easily, they are appropriate and clearly arranged mounted. The fresh and waste water capacities are placed in isolated and heated areas, the volume is dimensioned on your requirements.

Comfort in all climate areas is ensured by optional air condition and suitable water-heating systems. This heating systems can be choosen as gas or dieselpower with special installations to be used in high altitudes.

In all points we observe and try to realize you personal needs. Doing so we realize lifting roof, slide-out or passenger car garages within the body. The necessary chassis modification, such as fueltank installations, subframe construction, cabin modifications are all done inhouse.