Impressive appearance by excellent bodywork...

that is the way all bocklet vehicles introduce themselves.

The twist-resistant and self-supporting bocklet bodies are produced in glass-fibre-reinforced (GRP) sandwich construction without any reinforced framework. That way of construction is approved for many years in the commercial vehicle production. It guarantees a long lifetime and protect from heat and cold.

The panels are made in our own facility up to a size of 13x3m. So we can build seamless side-walls and roofs from the rear to the front of the vehicle. The wall-thickness is 50 or 60mm.

On both sides the panels are usually coated with a GRP cover layer of 2mm. On demand, thicker cover layers are available, e.g. for expedition campers.


The sandwich-panels made of closed porous polyurethane foam ensure optimized insulating against heat and cold and therewith the use of our vehicle in tropical or winter climate.

The bocklet body are not affected by hail and provide high impact resistance. In case of an accident – repair and maintenance is easy and low cost.