…to have a good feeling travelling the bocklet

We care about your safety! In all our vehicles we can install seats with seat-belts that are proved by the German center of homologation. That system was tested and has been certified according to the crash-test results by TÜV Rheinland testing institute.

Mounting the body on the chassis is done according to the bodybuilder- guidelines of the corresponding vehicle manufacturer. The subframe and mounting system is designed depending on the chassis as torsional or three-point version.

With high accuracy our team cares about the installation of the electrical, gas and sanitarian components to ensure reliability and a long lifetime.

The almost flush-mounted doors and hatches do not offer any points of action for none-invited guests.

Safety for us is also the use of special lock-systems with burglary proofed locks with multiple-lock system for the doors and hatches. Connection doors to the chassis cab in GRP-sandwichconstruction allows to ship your vehicle with RO/RO fairys with a good feeling. To get in the camper from the cabin is almost impossible. Additional locks for the chassis cabin doors increase the safety.

The optional use of burglary resistant hard-glass windows is an additional characteristic of the bocklet bodies. For these windows cover plates made of stainless steel are available to protect the camper during longterm parking.

Trust in our experience!